About us and Mission

Medical education in Dermatology has been the objective of Global Dermatology. It was founded in 2009 and thanks to the formidable increase in computing power, and the addition of virtual digital platforms, a more relevant experience is now possible.

Until then education was provided essentially through websites and social media. However the limitations of these tools lie essentially in the bias of quality selection by search engines (Google for example) and the commercial triaging interests by social media (Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram). What is left to the user is progressively biased information instead of a neutral learning experience.

We hope that through the creation of this platform, skin health professionals and those interested in dermatology will learn through a transparent and fruitful learning experience.

We are aware of the limitations of a virtual platform and hope that this tool will serve as a “meeting point” which will help you to connect and remain connected with each other and that you will be able to engage meaningfully over time.