Allergic contact dermatitis: mechanisms and prevention of a significant occupational disease


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Contact allergies are one of the crucial challenges of public health. 20% of the general population is estimated to suffer from contact allergy, and the prevalence is rising worldwide. In addition, 1334% of all occupational diseases are attributed to skin diseases. Contact dermatitis constitutes 9095% of them. Allergic contact dermatitis can severely affect patients professionally and lead to unemployment. Certain government regulations and directives are proved to be highly effective in reducing exposure of the workforce and consumers to contact allergens. However, lack of comprehensive epidemiological data impedes widespread implementation of such public health initiatives. In this 10 minute-presentation, epidemiology, pathophysiology, and management of allergic contact dermatitis are highlighted with an emphasis on successful prevention initiatives and a case study of atopic dermatitis with multiple allergies is demonstrated.