Current scenario of psychodermatology in Bangladesh


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Psychodermatology is not well developed subject in Bangladesh. In our daily practice we have some patients of psychodermatology . Trichotillomania, chronic psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic fungal infections patients mostly suffer from psychological issues. Most of the dermatological diseases are chronic in nature, visible parts of body, incurable disease ,skin malignancy, so it impact on psychological health. In rural area of Bangladesh there are not sufficient psychiatrists or psychologists ,so difficult to refer psychodermatological patients . Awareness of psychodermatological diseases are gradually increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Psychodermatological patients needs proper diagnosis, counselling and treatment. Every dermatological disease have some components of psychological issue. So, we  dermatologists should have some knowledge about counselling of patient /guardians regarding management of psychodermatogical diseases.