Data Science and AI/ML in Improving Access to Care for People Affected by Skin NTDs


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There are growing interests in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for skin
NTDs and other skin diseases that affect people residing in remote communities where access-to-
care has been a huge challenge. AI/ML has a potential for improving healthcare needs of these
populations, for example, by providing on-site screening, triaging, and connecting them to
healthcare when in need. In June 2022, the WHO published ‘Ending the neglect to attain the
Sustainable Development Goals: A strategic framework for integrated control and management
of skin NTDs’ to support and enhance disease control of skin NTDs through synergizing efforts
through the shared features to achieve a greater health impact. In this framework, AI/ML has
been identified as one of the cross-cutting areas and innovative tools to focus on development.
By exploring the intersection of technology and healthcare, the presentation aims to provide
insights into the transformative potential of AI/ML in Global Health Dermatology, emphasizing
its role in addressing healthcare disparities in remote communities where many of the people
affected by skin NTDs reside.
Key words: artificial intelligence, data science, technology, access to care, screening, skin-related
neglected tropical diseases,NTDs