Dr. Tu Anh DUONG MD, PhD


Faculty Presentations

Teledermatology organizational challenges and clinical pitfalls (Défis organisationnels de la télédermatologie et écueils cliniques)

Dr. Tu Anh DUONG MD, PhD Content: Teledermatology is a good tool to provide dermatological expertise at distance, including new healthcare professionals or processes and new skills for dermatologists. In comparison to conventional dermatology practice, it highly stands on the quality of images or information provided for a probabilistic diagnosis…

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Tu Anh Duong MD, PhD is dermatologist with a PhD in design engineering.

Coordinator of a tele dermatology program TELDERM AP-HP

Coordination of Teledermatology and E Health special interest group of the French society of dermatology (SFD)

Her topics: Dermatological emergencies, tele dermatology, Telemedicine, e health, dermatology digital transformation, innovative organization and Care pathways, Digital metric for dermatology