Aldo Morrone is Scientific Director of the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute (IRCCS), a hospital

founded in Rome (Italy) in the 1725 by the Pope Benedictus XIII.

Expert in Tropical Dermatology and poverty-related diseases, in the last 40 years he focused his

attention on the health of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and homeless people, developing

transcultural medicine and sensitizing institutions on the Health of the groups at risk of social


He was General Director of San Camillo Forlanini General Hospital in Rome and the Founder

and first General Director of National Institute Migration and Poverty (NIMP), a public scientific

Institute for research on Migration’s Diseases.

Author of over 750 scientific articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals and

60 books. Latest books published: Dermatology of Human Mobile Population, MNL Ed., 2004; Health

System and Skin Diseases: the Case of Ethiopia, Di punto in bianco Ed., 2007; Case Management

Algorithms & Atlas for Lebanon, Armadilla, 2015; La speranza ferita: storia delle mutilazioni genitali

femminili, Franco Angeli, 2017; Skin Disorseders in Migrants, Springer, 2020; Covid-19 tra mito e

realtà. Luci e ombre della pandemia che ha travolto il pianeta, Armando, 2021; Atlante di

Dermatologia Tropicale (Minerva Medica), in press.

He coordinated and performed several clinical and scientific missions in Lebanon, Africa,

Middle East, India, Latin America and South-Eastern Asia.

From 2013 to 2017 he was Vice President of the International Society of Dermatology (ISD).

He is member of Community Dermatology Committee, as well as of numerous International Scientific


As well as Honorary President of the International Institute of Social Medical Anthropological Sciences

(I.I.S.M.A.S) and Scientific Director of the annual International Workshop “Culture, Health and

Migration” held at the National Council for Research in Rome, he is President of the Annual

International Congresses on Dermatology and Global Health in Ethiopia, in collaboration with Tigray

Ministry of Health.

In the 2017 he was awarded the Castellani-Reiss Medal, the highest honor of the ISD, given for

lifetime achievement in International Dermatology, Migration and Community Dermatology.

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