Evaluation of the skin NTD app


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Skin Neglected Tropical Diseases (SkinNTDs) pose a significant global health challenge,
necessitating substantial resources for diagnosis and treatment. The SkinNTDs App, an mHealth
intervention, aims to assist Frontline Health Workers (FHWs) in identifying and managing skin NTDs.
However, it is crucial to conduct a validated assessment of the app before widespread
implementation. Therefore, this study focuses on evaluating the quality of SkinNTDs App Version 3 as
a training and decision support tool for FHWs.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Ghana and Kenya using a snowball sampling
approach for recruitment. FHWs were invited to use the app and provide feedback through an online
survey incorporating the user Mobile App Rating Scale (uMARS) questionnaire. Additionally,
semi-structured interviews were conducted. Data analysis involved the use of SPSS and Atlas Ti.
Results: Among the 60 participants, the SkinNTDs app received high scores on the uMARS
questionnaire (App quality mean score of 4.02/5, Subjective quality score of 3.79/5, and perceived
impact score of 4.42/5). No statistically significant influence of categorical variables on the final
results was identified. Interview (n=18) responses aligned with the uMARS findings, reinforcing the
positive assessment of the app.
Conclusion: The SkinNTDs App, as per Version 3, demonstrates commendable quality and holds
potential for use in other countries grappling with skin NTDs. These findings can inform
improvements for the forthcoming release of the app, incorporating valuable insights from the
perspectives of FHWs. However, further research is warranted to assess the app’s clinical
effectiveness and optimal dissemination strategies.
Keywords: SkinNTDs app, mHealth, mobile health, skin neglected tropical diseases, low- and
middle-income countries.