8th MEIDAM Conference & Exhibition

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The 8th in person dermatology MEIDAM conference is just around the corner (8th Middle East International Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Conference & Exhibition!).

The objective of this in-person conference is to offer all attendees an exceptional opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in dermatology and aesthetics medicine. This event is designed to showcase cutting-edge techniques and knowledge from esteemed experts around the globe, encompassing dermatology, dermato-surgery, and aesthetics medicine.

Here is a small bite size session adapted for the international online audience around the world focussing on Hair Disorders.

Three presentations given by:

Professor Asmahane SOUISSI (Tunisia): Hair Disorders in children

Professor Mohammad JAFFERANY (USA): Psychotrichology: psychiatric aspects of hair disorders

Professor Ameen (Bahrain): outline of the latest guidelines in treating hair disorders

Live event taking place at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Rashid Hall, in the captivating city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the conference, along with its industry exhibition, will run from 22nd to 24th September 2023. We eagerly anticipate welcoming all delegates with the unparalleled Emirati hospitality and embracing an enriching and fulfilling learning experience at MEIDAM.

Programme - 12:00 AM

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Hair Disorders in children
Dr. Souissi Asmahane

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Psychotrichology: psychiatric aspects of hair disorders
Prof. Jafferany Mohammad
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Outline of the Latest Guidelines in Treating Hair Disorders
Dr. Alawadhi Ameen

Dr. Ameen Alawadhi is a Bahraini dermatologist with a distinguished career and a wide range of qualifications. He was born on December 8, 1986. He attended Isa Town Secondary School and later pursued his medical studies at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Medical University of Bahrain, where he graduated with honors in 2010. Following an internship at Salmaniya Medical Complex and passing the Bahrain Medical Licensure Exam, he completed his Arab Board in Dermatology and Venereology in November 2016 and the European Board in Dermatology and Venereology in August 2019.