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Presentation on dermatology and global health, focusing on tropical medicine and tropical dermatology, as well as the prevalence of imported skin diseases.

Dr. Sethi delves into the history of tropical medicine, tracing back to the 15th century when Portuguese explorers in Africa suffered more from diseases than combat or shipwrecks. She highlights key figures like James Lind, who contributed to the understanding of tropical diseases, and Patrick Manson, regarded as the father of tropical medicine.

She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and treating neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), which disproportionately affect impoverished populations in developing countries. Dr. Sethi presents various skin diseases encountered during travel, such as cutaneous larva migrans and myiasis, and discusses the impact of global health initiatives in tackling NTDs.

Furthermore, she shares cases of Chagas disease, dengue fever, and its increasing prevalence in the US. Dr. Sethi concludes with a message on the importance of global health education, volunteerism, and preventive measures to address tropical diseases effectively.