Integration of Teledermatology and Community Health in addressing disparities in skin care through Community Health Workers in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.


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The Teledermatology and Community Health integration project aims to
address the disparities of skin diseases in Tanzania by improving patient access, coverage,
quality, and safety of skin management. The existing Teledermatology project faces
challenges due to limited medical staff engagement and a low number of submitted
dermatology photos. Community healthcare workers (CHWs) play a pivotal role in

healthcare delivery, offering fundamental services within communities and enhancing
access to care.
Overall Project Goal: To improve patient access to quality and safe skin management in
Bagamoyo by integrating Teledermatology and Community health through the CHWs
Strategies and Objectives: Empowering CHWs for Basic Dermatological Care and Education.
Increasing Awareness of Skin Health and Management Practices, Improving Access to Skin
Management Services, Expanding Coverage of Skin Management Services, and Enhancing
the Quality of Care Provided by CHWs.
Implementation: The project will integrate CHWs into Teledermatology services and
evaluate its effectiveness in improving access to skin health in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.
Target Populations: Children, adolescents, men, and women residing in Bagamoyo District,
specifically those within the catchment areas of the seven Teledermatology service facilities.
Project Description: The project will be executed through the following strategies and
activities: Empowering CHWs for Basic Dermatological Care and Education on communicable
diseases, Increasing Awareness of Skin Health, Improving Access to Skin Management
Services, Expanding Coverage, and Enhancing CHW Quality of Care.
Strengthening the Referral System Collaborations: The project will collaborate with
ongoing initiatives in Bagamoyo District that focus on dermatology services, enhancing
accessibility and coverage of Teledermatology consult services.
Data Collection and Analysis: Data will be collected through desk reviews, exit interviews,
health facility records, training assessments, and referral data. Data analysis will involve
descriptive statistics and pre-and post-integration analysis to measure the project’s impact.
Budget: The project is allocated a budget of $20,000 to support its various activities and

Anticipated Outcomes: The project aims to achieve increased screenings, enhanced
identification of skin diseases, improved access to care, and higher-quality treatment for
skin patients in Bagamoyo District.

– Teledermatology
– Community Health Workers
– Bagamoyo
– Skin diseases