Prajwal Pudasaini




As an eminent and aspiring young dermatologist currently working under government hospital in Nepal, Dr Prajwal Pudasaini is an ISD scholarship awardee 2023, European Scholarship Awardee of 2021, along with his new additional role as an Associate Editor of the Open Access Journal by the Wiley’s. His academic inclination has been proven by his numerous lectures that he has delivered in World Congress of Dermatology, International Congress of Dermatology, European Congresses and Symposiums, South Asian Regional Congress of Dermatology and numerous webinars that he has conducted. He is also the Scientific Secretariat of the South Asian Association of the Psychodermatologists (SAAPD) and the founding member of Rare Skin Disease Nepal (RSDN). His community outreach program on delivering skin care services to rural Nepal and school children is also taking a pace in his homeland. He has served in the rural Nepal and provided Dermato-Venereology Camps with free medicines. He has conducted many Health Camps free of cost in rural Nepal. With numerous national and international publications in indexed journals and many on pipelines he’s definitely a scholar to listen to.