Prof. Firas AL-NIAIMI MD




Professor Firas Al-Niaimi is a highly experienced and skilled consultant dermatologist, Mohs and laser expert with nearly 20 years’ experience and an international standing trained in some of the UK’s top hospitals and fellowship-trained in dermatologic surgery and lasers at St. Thomas’ hospital in London where he continued to work there as an honorary consultant for a number of years before moving to fulltime private practice. His passion for education, research and science has led him to publish over 210 publications in Dermatology and lasers including his own published book and 10 book chapters making him one of the most prolific and well-published consultant dermatologists in the UK. In addition to this he has delivered more than 400 scientific presentations in 55 countries around the world including keynote lectures at prestigious international conferences. His contribution to British dermatology was such that in 2019 he was awarded the “Global excellence award” for the title of consultant Dermatologist of the year in London and his success culminated in 2021 to the highest academic rank in medicine being awarded the title professor making him the UK’s first and only professor in the field of laser dermatotology