Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (Naevus)(CMN)

These are melanocytic naevi (nevi) (“moles”) which are present at birth.

The melanocytic naevi vary greatly in size but can exceed 20cm of diameter.

They are generally located on the trunk.

They can develop into cancers (melanoma). Therefore, they should be excised if it is possible, although for esthetic reasons, it is not always possible. In that case, follow-up of the lesions with a dermatoscope (dermoscopy) is indicated. The more a congential melanocytic naevus (CMN= is big, the greater the risk of developing skin cancer.Ils peuvent se développer en cancer (mélanomes).

CMNs can be associated with other malformations.



Moles (Melanocytic Naevi (Nevi))

It is important to consult a dermatologist who will determine your risk of developing a melanoma. He will examine your lesions with an apparatus called a dermatoscope or videomicroscope. He will also determine a follow-up plan. He will also determine if some lesions should be excised and examined with a microscope (histology).



He will also give you some advice on: