The following conditions can be found in the Caucasian population (non-exhaustive list):



Freckles (Ephelides):

increased amount of melanin with normal number of melanocytes



Lentigenes (solar lentigo):

appear after 50 years old

Histologically: epidermal pigmentation located mainly in the basal layer

Caused by an increase number of melanocytes (containing a normal amount of melanin)



Solar hyperpigmentation:

It occurs in light skinned individuals

It is most common after 50 years old

It is difficult to treat



Hyperpigmentary disorders: poikiloderma civatte…



Source de l’information: 2012 (09) – Placek W. 21e congrès annuel de l’EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology) – Prague (Praha), République Tchèque (Tchéquie)(česká republika)