Impetigo was first described by a British Dermatologist named William Tilbury Fox in the 18th century. Here is an excerpt from his Atlas:

“Diagnostic features are:
-its apparently epidemic character in many cases
-the antecedent febrile condition
-its attacking children
-the origin from isolated vesicles which tend to enlarge into blebs and to become pustular, the blebs having a depressed centre, and , it may be, a well-defined, slightly raised, rounded edge
-the isolation of the spots; the uniform character of the eruption and its general and scattered condition
-its frequent seat and commencement about the face or head
-the circular , flat, granular, yellow crusts looking as if stuck on
-its contagious nature and inocuability
-its frequently following in the wake of vaccination
-the absence of pain, and especially troublesome itching at night.”