Structure of the summary

1. Measuring their efficacy

2. Role of emollients

3. Where is the evidence ?



1.  Measuring their efficacy or the importance of scoring system for physicians


Objective SCORAD

3 items criteria (more practical and easier to do in daily practice): based on erythema, oedema, excoriation



2. Role of emollients and 3. Where is the evidence ?

emollients prevent infection, allergen penetration and restores the lipid epidermal barrier (cholesterol, ceramides). However there is no scientific evidence available !



Emollients include creams, ointments and baths:

  • -Creams are better tolerated that ointments and compliance is better.
  • -Emollients are helpful and can be applied 3 to 6 times day (amazingly, no studies show the role of emollients !).



Double pajamas keep the moisture and stockings covering the hands provide a physical barrier and stop excoriations from developing.




  • Bathe for 5 minutes in lukewarm water
  • Add oils after 2 minutes
  • But again for all this: no evidence !



Source of information: Oranje AP. Emollients for atopic eczema. 19th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) – Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden (Sverige).