-Also called Celtic skin disease as it is more common in light skinned caucasian individuals.

-A mite called Demodex Folliculorum is associated with the condition and was discovered by an Austrian dermatologist named Karl Gustav Theodor Simon.


-Is characterized by a spectrum:

-Pre-rosacea ===> Flushing and blushing
  • -Vascular Rosacea ===> Erythema and telangiectasia
  • -Inflammatory Rosacea ===> Papules and pustules
  • -Late Rosacea ===> Rhinophyma



Perioral Dermatitis (which can be perinasal or periocular) is considered by some as a form of rosacea and is characterized by papules and pustules located around orificial areas of the face.



Treatments options include topical metronidazole, topical brimonidine, oral cyclines and isotretinoin. Topical steroids must be avoided as they worsen the condition. Oral steroids can be combined with isotretinoin in rosacea fulminans.



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