Historical Features




Clinical Features

Clinical Presentation

Differential diagnosis on clinical grounds



Dermatoscopical Features

Differential Diagnosis on dermoscopical grounds



Histological Features



Association of Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) with systemic disease




Origin of SK

  • -follicular epithelium
  • -solar lentigo



Causal factors

  • -UV exposure
  • -HPV infection (Human papillomavirus))
  • -deficiency in presenilin
  • -vitamin A deficiency


Suggested Mechanisms of growth

By hyperproliferation theory

Accumulation of senescent cells theory



Authors’ Experience






Pigmentation in SK: a mechanism explained by parallelism?






This review was initially written in 2005 and does not include new discoveries like the proposed fgf3 receptor mutation. However, the information is correct and the publications which came out at later dates do not answer in a definite way the questions made by the study of this frequent albeit enigmatic lesion.

This advice is for informational purposes  only and does not replace therapeutic judgement done by a skin doctor.