Atopic Dermatitis in Madagascar) (Prof. F RAPELANORO RABENJA MD) [World Skin Health Day 2022 – Madagascar]

La Dermatite Atopique à Madagascar (Atopic Dermatitis in Madagascar) [Video on Demand] : LINK

CV of Presenter

Professor Chairholder in Dermatology and STD, Aggrege CAMES 2000, Laureat at L’Oreal price 2020. Past DEAN of Faculty of Medicine, Past CEO of University Hospital, Specialist in Information System on Line, Projects Management, Public Health and Dermato – venereology, Faculty of Medicine –University of Bordeaux2. Head of Department of Dermatology – Sexual Transmitted Diseases and Infectious Diseases, Founder of the faculty of Medicine in the 4 provinces of Madagascar. Head of RAFT project Council – Madagascar (African Network French Speaking Telemedicine), lecturer College of Medicine,. Head of LARTIC (Laboratory to Support the Research, IT and Communication) IT Network – Faculty of Medicine.

Member of the board of Journal of Medicine Informatic Research Dermatology (JMIR) USA, Review Medical of Madagascar, PASSION project AI in dermatology. Member of French Society of Dermatology (SFD), French Speaking Association ADF, past general secretary, African Society of Dermatology and Venereology (ASDV), , ISAD (International Society of Atopic Dermatology), Standing Committee of CIDMEF, Founder of the Association Health and Development degree for university training. Member of Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) Global Fund – Member of Strategic Orientation Council of Merieux Institute – Center of Infectious Diseases Madagascar – Leader and Founder of Health Center, Consultant in restructuring the system of private health. Principal investigator of many study founded by ISAD, L’Oréal, Global Fund…
Member of the Malagasy Academy of Medicine. Founder of SOciété MAlgache de DERmatologie (SOMADER) ». Speaker at international scientific Meeting organized by Scientific Society of Dermatology, all over the world since 1992.- More than 90 publications in Scientific Review. Am J Human Genetics, Arch of Dermatol, Arch of Pediatr, JAMA, JAAD, Ann Dermatol Venereol, Intern J Dermatol, Rev Méd Interne, Plos1, Am J of Clinical Dermatol, BioMed Research… –

Contact: LARTIC Faculty of Medicine – Antsakaviro 101, Antananarivo – Madagascar Secretariat: + 261 32 05 735 06 / E-mail : 

Presentation and description by Professor Fahafahantsoa RAPELANORO RABENJA MD (Madagascar) [World Skin Health Day 2022 -Madagascar] (To find the presentation simply use the filter buttons from the event homescreen)

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