La pelade chez l’enfant (Alopecia Areata in Children)(M.K.A RAKOTOMANANA, Madagascar MD) [World Skin Health Day 2022 – Madagascar]

La pelade chez l’enfant (Alopecia Areata in Children)[Video on Demand] : LINK


Introduction: Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease of the hair follicles responsible for a non-scarring hair loss. Data concerning its occurrence in children are scarce in the literature. The aim of this study is to describe the epidemiologic, clinical and therapeutic aspects of alopecia areata cases in children in the two dermatology departments of the CHUJRB.

Materials and methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study conducted from January 2017 to April 2022 in children < 15 years old, who presented with alopecia areata, seen in department of Dermatology.

Results: Twenty-two cases of alopecia areata in children were included, representing 0.27% of consultations during this period. The sex ratio was 0.57. The median age was 11.5 years with a median age of onset of 12 years. Stress and emotional shock preceded alopecia in 9 patients. Two patients had atopy, 1 patient had dysthyroidism. Patchy alopecia areata was the most frequent (n=17), followed by ophiasis (n=8) and alopecia totalis (n=3). A combination of patchy alopecia and ophiasis was found in 6 cases. Dermocorticoids were used in 19 cases, combined with systemic treatment in 17 cases. Mini-pulse corticosteroid therapy was used in 13 cases. Corticosteroid boluses were required in 9 cases. Methotrexate was used in 3 cases. Regrowth was complete 5 patients and partial in 8 patients; alternation of regrowth and relapse was seen in 3 patients.

Conclusion: Our study shows a therapeutic difficulty of alopecia areata in children.

CV of the presenter (in French)

-Interne de Spécialité en Dermatologie Vénéréologie, Faculté de Médecine d’Antananarivo, 2021

-Membre de la Société Malgache de Dermatologie (SOMADER)

Presentation and description by Dr. Andrianandrianina Mbolatiana Kiady Armando RAKOTOMANANA MD (Madagascar) [French; World Skin Health Day 2022 -Madagascar] (To find the presentation simply use the filter buttons from the event homescreen)

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