Neglected Tropical Diseases (Prajwal PUDASAINI, MD; Nepal) [World Skin Health Day 2022 -Guinea]

Neglected Tropical Diseases from Nepal – An overview from a South-Asian Country (Video on Demand) : LINK
-Neglected Tropical Diseases are a real threat, especially given the COVID19 scenario with so much focus on the pandemic
-The presenter really believes that neglected tropical diseases (NTD’s) are more “neglected” and given the delayed diagnosis and the hazardous complications of some of the re-emerging diseases, knowledge among clinicians is a must. In this presentation we will be re-iterating on the re-emerging -Neglected Tropical Diseases, such as cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Presentation and description by Dr Prajwal PUDASAINI, MD (Nepal) [World Skin Health Day 2022 -Guinea] (To find the presentation simply use the filter buttons from the event homescreen)

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