NTD Information and e-Learning platform



By 2033 there will still be a shortage of 10 million health workers , particularly in World
Health Organization (WHO) African and Eastern Mediterranean regions (1). Reducing this
shortage requires innovative and modernized methods for capacity strengthening,
supporting health workers in using an integrated, holistic approach. The WHO in their
strategic framework for integrated control and management of skin-related neglected
tropical diseases (NTDs) promotes this approach(2), particularly because many NTDs have
multiple cross-cutting issues.
InfoNTD is an online platform that supports capacity building for NTD professionals by
making cross-cutting NTD information easily accessible. It also includes a page on skin NTDs.
While initially the portal mainly focused on sharing scientific papers, a survey among users
revealed a growing need to access practical materials, e.g., training packages, operational
guides and online course modules, materials often difficult to find or not available at all.
With limited resources available in the NTD sector, cross learning and sharing materials is
essential. It is therefore key to invest in the further development of available open-access

Christine Fenenga has a background in Public Health
and Medical Anthropology and worked for over 30
years in health programs in Africa and Asia as program
manager, trainer, health adviser and researcher.
She was Operational Excellence Coordinator with the
Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy and currently
leads two Technical Capacity Strengthening projects:
the ILEP funded Lift Leprosy Learning project and the
Technical Capacity Building in Action project of NLR.
She is member of the ILEP ITC Working Group on
Training and co-chairs the WHO Skin-NTD Working
Group on Capacity Strengthening.

Roos Geutjes is committed to fostering learning,
leveraging technology, and promoting capacity
strengthening. She has a background in Public
Administration and over 8 years of experience working
in the public health sector. She is experienced in
knowledge sharing, system configuration, training and
implementation of e-learning systems. Roos is
currently the Coordinator of Infolep and InfoNTD, two
online platforms that support capacity strengthening
in leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases. She is a
core-member of the WHO Skin-NTD Working group on
capacity strengthening.

From 2023 the InfoNTD platform also offers easy access to these training packages and
guidelines and from 2024, a learning platform will be linked to the InfoNTD platform.
Initiated by the ILEP funded-Lift Leprosy Learning project and in collaboration with InfoNTD,
the e-Learning.InfoNTD platform is an interactive e-learning platform offering online-
courses, contributing to integrated capacity strengthening. The platform uses Moodle, a
globally popular learning management system (LMS) and Articulate Rise, a user-friendly
authoring tool for creating interactive, engaging courses. Upon successful completion of a
course, trainees will receive a certificate. Content development and updates in multiple
languages will be developed in close collaboration with the WHO NTD department/Open
WHO and a network of NTD experts. Other organizations are invited to house their NTD-e-
Learning modules on this platform, enabling the streamlining and easy cross-linking of NTD
learning resources.
This session demonstrates the InfoNTD and e-Learning.InfoNTD platforms.
– Keywords
NTD Information, training tools, NTD e-learning modules, interactive learning, integrated
capacity strengthening