Presentations from the United States [World Skin Health Day 2023 – Guinea]

Participants come from 124 countries and 7 presentations are from the United States: LINK [(the direct link works if you are logged-in and subscribed* to the event. For first time users, kindly register (complimentary)]

  • Topics covered are scar prevention, hair disorders and their psychological impact, effects of immunotherapy, the global burden of skin diseases, medical education for residents.
  • Professors Bolognia Jafferany, Khachemoune on previously talked on different topics and the next edition will cover new topics
  • There are currently 86 presentations from 34 countries. 19** topics are covered (at the time of the post). There are 39 presentations totalling 13 hours in the previous edition.
Presentations from the United States

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—Acne and Rosacea (Diagnosis and Treatment)
—Psoriasis (Diagnosis and Treatment)
—Cosmetic Dermatology (Aging, Botox, Fillers, Lasers
—Pigmentation (Diagnosis and Treatment)
—Teledermatology and AI in Skin Diseases
—Sexually transmitted diseases et genital dermatology
—Medical Dermatology and Dermatopathology
—Tropical Dermatology
—Rising Stars
—Atopic Dermatitis and allergology
—Cutaneous Neoplasms
—Hair Disorders
—Pediatric Dermatology
—Vesiculobullous disorders + others