Nail Disorders in Children

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NAIL DISORDERS IN CHILDREN – Pediatric Dermatology Session

Matilde Iorizzo, Switzerland

Nail diseases are a rather uncommon cause of dermatological consultation in children: they may be inherited, congenital or acquired. Before evaluating any nail disorder, it is always mandatory to know the anatomy and physiology of the nail apparatus in order to differentiate pathology from physiology. In children, however, a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, it is not always be feasible.

It is important not to limit a consultation only to the nails, because they could be the clue or the first sign for a hidden condition. Regarding treatment, there is a very limited number of drugs that can be utilized in children as topical drugs are often not effective and time consuming for the nail unit and most systemic drugs are not approved for administration in childhood or supported by clinical trials.

For this reason, diagnosis and treatment of nail disorders in children may sometimes be a real challenge.

Presenter: Dr. Matilde IORIZZO MD, PhD

Country: Switzerland

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