Skin and Obesity (Professor Enas Attia MD (Egypt) [World Skin Health Day 2022 -Guinea]

Skin and Obesity. ((Video on Demand with English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese Subtitles: click on “CC”  at the bottom of the video) : LINK
  • “Obesity is a major epidemic. More than 75% of obese persons report skin issues. Diagnosing these skin issues accurately should cascade positively in the patient’s health. It triggers an adequate metabolic evaluation and a timely treatment or referral with the ultimate objective of reducing obesity burden, and improving patients’ health.”
  • insulin resistance
  • mechanical effects on the skin
  • specific manifestations on the skin
  • infections on the skin
  • metabolic syndrome and skin conditions affected by it
  • role of insulin growth factor
  • adipokines
Presentation and description by Professor Enas Attia MD (Egypt) [World Skin Health Day 2022 -Guinea] (To find the presentation simply use the filter buttons from the event homescreen)

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