Dr. Carsten Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen MD, PhD,


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Specialist in Dermato-Venereology in Denmark and Norway with a private practice in
Brønderslev, Denmark 2009-2023.
Senior Research Fellow, Research center, Department of Dermato-venerology,
Aalborg University hospital, Denmark.
PhD Research study in Guinea-Bissau (1999-2001) in West-Afrika financial supported from
WHO and Danish State Serum Institute – Rotavirus epidemiological studies among children –
vaccine trials.
140 Published articles registered at Researchgate.
Interested in global dermatology with special interest in helping indigenous people.
Clinical work and research for 20 years in Greenland with special focus on the Inuit’s skin
Diseases. This work was honored with “ Neissers Lectureship 2023 “.
Travelled to 90 different countries in the world.