Dr. Ayilkin Çelik MD


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Ayilkin Celik is a junior doctor from Turkey. She graduated from Pleven Medical University, Bulgaria, in May, 2021. Currently, she is volunteering for the Accretia Research Initiative Automated machine learning for diagnosis of melanoma skin lesions.She participated in numerous research projects in the fields of biochemistry, immunology, dermatology, and public health over the course of her medical studies. She took part in the Scientific Commission of the 16thInternational Medical Scientific Conference for Students & Young Doctors (MDSC) and served at the Control Committee of the Association of International Medical Students of Pleven (AIMS). Ayilkin Celik actively participated in the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) throughout her medical education where she had the opportunity to coordinate regional and international projects on mental health and cultural competence for Ethics and Human Rights in Health programs of IFMSA. She was delegated to the 70thand 71stWorld Health Assemblies in Geneva, Switzerland and 2019 United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum in New York, United States.