Dr. Cyndy Shisia Muliro MD


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I am a final year Dermatovenereology resident at the Regional Dermatology Training Center (RDTC)
Moshi, Tanzania where I am also the Chief Resident. I obtained my bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
degree in 2014 from Moi University, Eldoret – Kenya. Prior to my residency, I was the Medical Officer
Supervisor at the accident and emergency department at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Nairobi, Kenya
where I was posted after completing my internship at the Defense Forces Memorial Hospital also in
Nairobi, Kenya. I have been involved in several projects at the RDTC including planning and execution of
the International annual CME conference, workshops and outreach activities among many others. I am a
mentee at GLODERM (2023 -2024 cohort) and also a member of the GLODERM trainee committee
where I have participated in organizing and hosting several webinars. Conference participation includes
case presentations at the 27 th & 28 th annual CME at RDTC, poster display at the World congress of
dermatology 2023, Oral presentation at the Tanzania Society of Dermatovenereologists AGM among

Research coordinator – Research Department, January 2023 to current date
Regional Dermatology Training Centre – Moshi, Tanzania
 Ensure smooth running of research-oriented activities in the department
Chief Resident – Regional Dermatology Training Centre, June 2021 to current date
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) – Moshi, Tanzania
In addition to Resident duties outlined below;
 Prepare monthly duty roster for the residents
 Prepare teaching schedules for junior students in the department
 Organise both physical and virtual lectures
 Participate in management meetings in the department
 Organise team building activities for residents, advanced diploma and undergraduate students in the
Resident Dermatovenereology – Regional Dermatology Training Centre, October 2020 to current date
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) – Moshi, Tanzania
 Ensure daily smooth running of the outpatient clinic
 In patient and Emergency department coverage when on call
 Engaging in research and meaningful quality improvement projects
 Teaching of Advanced diploma and medical student undergraduates
 Participate in procedures performed at the bedside, in the operating room or procedure suite.
 Participate in community outreach activities
 Offer consultations and reviews to other departments in the hospital
Medical Officer Supervisor – Accident and Emergency department, November 2017 to September 2020

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (MLKH) – Nairobi, Kenya
In addition to medical Officer duties outlined below;
 Ensure well-being of medical Officers
 Prepare duty roster
 Ensure smooth running of emergency department activities.
 Participate in management meetings
Medical Officer – Accident and Emergency department, April 2016 to November 2017
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (MLKH) – Nairobi, Kenya
 Diagnosis and treatment of disease
 Emergency and trauma management
 Sample collection and management
 Patient triaging
 Efficient in emergency medical and surgical procedures
 Infection control
 Training students and junior medical staff
 Continuously working to improve performance at an individual and practice level
 Management of medical care team.
 Management of patient records and documents
 Participation in continuous medical education
Medical Officer Intern – April 2015 – march 2016
Defence Forces Memorial Hospital (DFMH) – Nairobi, Kenya
 Diagnosis and treatment of diseases
 Trauma medicine
 Management of patient records and documents
 Sample collection and management
 Educate patients regarding conditions and treatment options
 Experience in medical, surgical, paediatrics, obstetrics/ gynaecology, hematooncology, dermatology
and psychiatry departments.
 Preparation of accurate and informative case summaries
 Precise, concise and competent case presentations
 Participated in continuous medical education
 Acquired skills in performing both medical and surgical procedures.
MBChB (2014)
Moi University- Eldoret, Kenya
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
KCSE (2006)
The Aga Khan High School – Mombasa, Kenya
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
Grade attained A-

 6 th annual general meeting Tanzania Society for Dermatovenereology – Hair disorders: a trichoscopic
approach, 26 th – 27 th October 2023 – Oral presentation
 25th World Congress of Dermatology – Epidermal Nevus syndrome, 3 rd – 8 th July, 2023 – Poster
 28 th annual RDTC international conference – Erythroderma in Leprosy, 11 th – 13 th January,2023 – Oral
 27 th annual RDTC international conference – Epidermal Nevus Syndrome, 12 th – 14 th January,2022 –
Oral presentation
 GLODERM Mentee – 2023-2024 cohort
 International Trichoscopy Society
 Dermatosurgery and dermatopathology workshop, KCMC, HU, HURC, UAH, March 2023
 Dermatosurgery and dermatopathology workshop, KCMC, HU, HURC, UAH, March 2022
 Trauma Team Training, CNIS & MOH, May 2019
 National guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Malaria, MOH, March 2019
 Field Management Training 2, MSF, October 2018
 Emergency care symposium, EMKF, June 2018
 Field Management Training 1, MSF, February 2018
Dancing, brass band and timbrel playing, reading, movies.