Dr. Elvira Moscarella MD


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Elvira Moscarella Born in Naples and graduated at the University of Campania, L.Vanvitelli in 2005. After a short period at the Melanoma Unit of San Gallicano Institute in Rome, she then moved to Reggio Emilia and conducted a PhD research study on multiple melanoma patients at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. She is now a researcher at the Dermatology Unit of the University of Campania, L.Vanvitelli, Naples, Italy. Author of numerous publications in the field of dermato-oncology and non-invasive diagnosis in dermatology. She is Chair of the Education Committee of the International Dermoscopy Society, vice president of the International Society of Teledermatology and Section Editor of Dermatooncology for DPCjournal.