Dr. Keira L. BARR

United States of America

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Dr. Keira Barr blends science with soul as a somatic stress release practitioner, breathwork guide and dual board-certified integrative dermatologist, empowering women around the world with the tools needed to help them experience calm, comfort and confidence in their skin. As a former Assistant Clinical Professor at UC Davis in the departments of dermatology and pathology, editorial reviewer of multiple leading medical journals, medical advisor within the personal care and tech communities, Dr Barr is dedicated to providing the most-cutting edge and innovative solutions to support women’s health. Through hosting the Skinny Dipping Prescription podcast and creating her flagship program Somatic Skincare, she’s redefining skincare as the embodiment of our lived experience through tangible, actionable and transformational somatic healing modalities. Her work has been featured in MindBodyGreen, Better Homes and Gardens’, Reader’s Digest, Glamour, SELF, Oprah Magazine, and more.