Dr. Mabs Chowdhury MD

United Kingdom

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Dr Mabs Chowdhury is Consultant Dermatologist at the Welsh Institute of Dermatology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff since 2001 and is Honorary Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. He is President-elect of the British Association of Dermatologists from July 2021 starting as President in July 2022. As Academic Vice President, he chaired the BAD Education Subcommittee to update the new UK syllabus implemented in August 2021.

He is Clinical Lead for Dermatology e-learning for Health (HEE) and was Chair of the UK Exam Board and previous Wales Training Programme Director. He has 120 published papers and book chapters and is co-author of medical student textbook Dermatology at a Glance 2nd edition (2019) and co-editor of the British College of Dermatology textbook Dermatology Training: the Essentials (2022).

He is Associate Editor for the upcoming 10th edition of Rooks Textbook of Dermatology. His current interests include cutaneous allergy and patch testing, medical leadership, and multi-professional education and training for all grades of students, doctors and nurses. He has trained over 20 specialty registrars in general dermatology and cutaneous allergy.