Dr. Magdalena Dennis MD


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Dr. Magdalena Dennis is a Dermato-venereologist with over three years of experience, who
works at the National Hospital in Tanzania. She is also a visiting lecturer at the Regional
Dermatology Training Centre, Kilimanjaro, where she teaches advanced diploma students
about neglected tropical diseases and other skin diseases. She is currently working on a
project in Bagamoyo-Tanzania that integrate Teledermatology and Community Health in
addressing disparities in skin care through Community Health care Workers. Dr. Magdalena
has joined the GLODERM Mentorship Programme 2023/2024 to gain skills in leadership,
program development, grant writing, and publishing. Her goal is to develop a community-
based skin health promotion program accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or
socioeconomic status, to contribute to the betterment of skin health globally, particularly in
developing countries.