Dr. Matilde Iorizzo MD, PhD


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Dr. Iorizzo is a dermato-venereologist with specific areas of interest in hair and nail disorders. She has obtained her MD, Residency and PhD at the University of Bologna, Italy under the supervision of Prof. Antonella Tosti and then she moved to Switzerland where she currently lives and practice as a FMH dermato-venereologist in private practice (Lugano / Bellinzona), medical consultant and scientific advisor for pharmaceutical industries. She has authored and co-authored several papers and book chapters on hair and nail disorders and she has participated several conferences also as a speaker. In 2010 she has co-authored the book Tosti A, Daniel R, Piraccini BM, Iorizzo M. Color Atlas of Nails edited by Springer. Since 2015 she is editorial board member for Skin Appendage Disorders (Karger ed.), the official journal of the European Nail Society, society of which she is vice President. She is also the founding Secretary of the International Nail Society and the current President of the Swiss Trichology Study Group of the Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology.