Dr. Supriya Paudel MD


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Supriya is a diligent Dermatology resident with 1.5 years of extensive training under the
guidance of a seasoned preceptor who demonstrates expertise in general dermatology, STIs, and
leprosy, managing cases spanning cutaneous infections, dermatophytosis, psoriasis, eczema,
acne, vulgaris, immunobullous disorders, drug reactions (Dress and SJS/TEN), urethritis, genital
ulcers, leprosy and lepra reactions.
I am engaged in academia and regularly present basic and clinical seminars, case studies, and
histopathology sessions and contribute to journal clubs. Actively involved in recent advances in
dermatology, participating in national and international CMEs, workshops, and webinars.
Underwent specialized Leprosy training at Leprosy Mission Hospital, Aanandaban which further
enhanced my skills.

In addition to clinical responsibilities, I am entrusted with teaching theory and practical
dermatology classes for undergraduates. Eager to embrace new challenges, I aspire to continue
evolving in the field of innovative dermatology and have set my sights on advanced training in
aesthetic medicine