Pr. Brigitte Dreno MD, PhD


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National Academy of Medicine Division: Medicine and medical specialties (France)

Total publications (since 1977): 918 h factor: 66. SCI (Without self citations): 31566. SIGAPS score: 8954



2016 President of the CNU – Dermatology – 50th section – 3rd subsection (Nantes, France)

2013 Elected member of the National Council of Universities – Dermatology – 50 th section – 3 rd sub-section

2011 University Professor Exceptional class 2nd level



Since 2014 Head of Department of Dermato-Cancerology

Since 1993 Founder and Director of the Cellular and Gene Therapy Unit (UTCG) of the University Hospital of Nantes



2015 Appointment to the rank of Knight in the Order of Academic Palms

2013 2013 International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) Award

2005 Prize for Victories in medicine, specialty “Cancerology”



Since 2020 Deputy Vice-President for Scientific and Technical Culture at the University of Nantes

Since 2012 Director of group 2 “Translational and clinical research on melanoma” within the

Cancer Research Center (CRCINA U1232) in Nantes

2011 – 2020 Vice-Dean for Research of the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes

Since 2005 Founder and Coordinator of the Biotherapy Module of the Clinical Investigation Center of

Biotherapy INSERM CBT0503



2021 Sponsor of the association ELLES à la Santé

2018 Elected president of the committee in charge of the scientific program of the annual congress of the Academy: European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) (EADV)

2015 Elected Board Member and Treasurer of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) which coordinates Dermatology societies on a global level and ensures relations with the WHO for skin conditions



2019 Founding Member and Member of the Board of Directors of the French Society of Cancer Immunotherapy (FITC)

2016 Chair of the scientific committee in charge of the scientific program of the EADV

2014 Founding Member of the “Melanoma Word Society” (MWS)

2015 Treasurer of the ILDS 2014 Member of the scientific committee of the European Society of Dermatology (EADV)

2010 -2012 President of the College of Teachers of Dermatology of France (CEDEF)

2004 – 2006 President of the French Society of Dermatology (SFD).

Vice-President of the French Society of Dermatology: 2003

Member of the Board of Directors: 2002

2002 – 2005 Founding member of the French Society of Cellular and Gene Therapy

2009 Board member of the “Skin Cancer Foundation”

2005 Foreign member of the Canadian Society of Dermatology

1994 Full member of the “International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas” (ISCL). Member of the Office

from 2000 to 2010

1990 Full Member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

1987 Full Member of the “European Society for Dermatological Research” (ESDR)

1982 Founding member of the French Society for Research in Dermatology (SRD).

Board member: 1989 to 1992



European Congresses: 2011 Organizer and Session Chair of the 7th European Association of Dermatology Oncology – Nantes – (EADO)