Pr. Ramon Grimalt MD, PhD


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Ramon Grimalt, MD, PhD (Terrassa, Spain 1965), Licensed in Medicine and Surgery (1989),

Specialist in Dermatology (1994) (UNESCO code 320106), Doctor (PhD) in Medicine and

Surgery (1995) and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Barcelona (2000)

and Associated Professor, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator Professor of Dermatology at the

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2012)

His PhD thesis obtained the highest punctuation under the title: “Non Langerhans’ cell

histiocytosis in children (…) 153 cases”

He has trained in the University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Illinois (USA) and

Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy).

He worked as an expert member of the (SCCP) Scientific Committee for Consumer Products at

the European Community in Bruxelles (2004-2008)

1- Teaching activity: He is currently Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Universitat

Internacional de Catalunya.

Has participated as an invited lecturer in more than 80 international congresses.

Has participated as an invited lecturer in 60 national congresses.

He has been chairman or co-chairman in 40 internationals congresses.

He has presented his work in more than 100 international and more than 90 national congresses.

Other teaching merit: He is peer reviewer of 10 scientific journals, he has been Associated

Editor of the Medical Journal “Medicina Cutanea Ibero Latina Americana”, has organized 22

medical congresses and is member of 18 scientific societies.

He is able to lecture in 5 different languages. English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan.

2- Research Activity: divided in 4 investigator lines.

1- Cutaneous lymphoma (Università di Milano): 5 scientific papers and 1 scholarship

2- Cosmetics. 4 International congresses. 3 book chapters. 5 National Congresses. 1 scholarship.

4- Histiocytosis:10 publications, and the doctoral thesis.

5- Hair Dysplasia. Scanning Electron Microscopy. 8 papers, 3 book chapters and 2 books.

3- His 2 main fields of interest are:

1-Pediatric Dermatology. Has more than 60 papers. He has been reelected (8 years) General

Secretary of the European Society for Paediatric Dermatology. Has been President of the ESPD for 4

years also.

2-Tricology. Has written 2 books about hair one of them translated to Chinese. He is member of

the Board of the European Hair Research Society.

4- Publications:

12 books as author or co-author

43 chapters in a book

1 medical translation from the English to Spanish of a hair cosmetics book

He has been editor of 9 Monograph

Has written 84 articles with impact factor. Total IF: 175,278

Has written 45 articles without IF.

5- Scholarships and awards: Has obtained 10 scholarships and 3 awards

6- Languages: He is able to deliver lectures in: English, French, Italian, Catalan and Spanish.

7- Other: Interest in medical web development. He created the web o f the Department of

Dermatology at the UB and is now an active blogger.