Prof. Monica Roncero Riesco MD, PhD,


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Practicing Consultant Dermatologist in Spain with experience in the diagnosis and management of skin
NTDs across both sub Saharan Africa and South America, specially in Malawi, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal,
Guatemala and Peru. My field experience includes:
STOP SCABIES program in Malawi: scabies diagnosis, treatment, contact tracing, health education at
community level.
Leprosy: Screening and contact tracing in rural areas of Malawi and Ecuatorial Guinea.
Albinism: surgical interventions and follow-up.
Nixtalmalization: introduction of this cooking method in rural communities to increase vitamin B3
content and reduce risk of pellagra.
Associate Professor at the University of Salamanca, delivering sessions on Tropical Dermatology master ́s

Clinical and diagnostic skills
Ability to work in team
Dermatological surgery
Teaching skills

NGO project development
Problem solving skills
Lesson Planning

Dermatologist Volunteer
NGO – Malawi, Senegal, Guinea Ecuatorial,Guatemala, Perú
Associate Professor, 02/2018 to Current
University of Salamanca – Salamanca, Spain
Dermatologist, 06/2013 to Current
University Hospital of Salamanca – Salamanca, Spain

International Baccalaureate
United World College of Adriatic – Duino, Italy





Bachelor of Medicine
University of Salamanca – Salamanca, Spain
Ph.D. Course: Tropical Diseases
University of Salamanca – Salamanca, Spain
Ph.D.: Psoriasis
University of Salamanca – Salamanca, Spain