Prof. Ruaa Al Harithy M.B.B.S, MScCH,FRCPC,FAAD

Saudi Arabia

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Ru’aa Al Harithy M.B.B.S, MScCH,FRCPC,FAAD
Contact information: +966 555 335350
2013 Master of Science in Community Health, Health Professions Teacher Education
Dalla Lana Public school of Public Health, University of Toronto
2010 Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
University Of Toronto
2002 Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery:
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2022-date Clinical Associate Professor,Princess Nourah bent Abdul Rahman Univer-

2013- date Consultant Dermatology, Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh
2017- 2020 Head of Local committee of Dermatology Residency Program in Central
region- Saudi Board of Dermatology
2014- 2020 Dermatology Program Director, SFH, Riyadh- awarded best residency
program for 2016.
Jan 2012- May 2013 Clinical Associate (consultant Dermatology),Sunnybrook Health

Science Centre, University of Toronto

Postgraduate Education:
September 2011-August 2012

Hair disorders, division of Dermatology, SunnyBrook Health science centre, Univer-
sity of Toronto:

• Clinical Fellow
September 2010 –August 2011
Laser and Cosmetic dermatology, Division of Dermatology, SunnyBrook Health
Science centre, University of Toronto:
• Clinical fellow

January 2011 – June 2013
Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto:
• MScCH, Health Professions Teacher Education
July 2005-August 2010
Residency, Division of Dermatology, University of Toronto
2004- 2013
Postgraduate education scholarship, Ministry of Higher education, Saudi –
Undergraduate Education:
2002-2003 King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
1996-2002 King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree

Scholar experience:
• Head of Scientific Committee, Scientific Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
(SAAM), 2022
• Author, National Saudi Guidelines for the management of Alopecia Areata, 2022.
supervised by Ministry of Health

• Allergan Inspiration educator, participated in mentorship forum discussion, De-
cember 2021

• General Director of Scientific Programs, The Middle East International Derma-
tology & Aesthetic Medicine Association, Sept 2021 – date

• Chairperson, Group for research and assessment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
(GRAPPA), approaching psoriasis by domain, virtual conference, June 2021
• Chairperson, 1st Dermaconnect, April 2021
• Author, National Saudi Guidelines for the management of Atopic dermatitis,
2021. supervised by Ministry of Health
• Editor. international Journal of Dermatology 2020,2021
• Member, Atopic Dermatitis medical Advisory Board. AbbVie, May 2020
• Editor, Updates in dermatology Journal, Sanofi 2020

• Hidradenittis Suppurativa executive Steering committee. Saudi Arabia representa-
tive 2020-2021

• Allergan medical Mentee and Trainer, 2019- date
• Founder and head of Dermatology Patient Support Groups, Saudi Society of
Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery. 2019

• Member of Scientific Council at Saudi FDA, 2019
• Head Of Scientific Committee: SaudiDerm Conference. 2020,2021
• Scientific Committee: SaudiDerm Conference, 2018, 2019

• Scientific Committee: Middle East International Dermatology and Aesthetic Med-
icine Conference(MEIDAM), 2020,2021,2022

• Apremilast Advisory board, November 2017
• Chairperson, Saudi society of Dermatology Meeting 2017
• Head, Dermatology Residency Promotion exam 2017 – 2020
• Editor, Journal of the Saudi Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery.
2017- Present
• Founder of Dermatology Residents Research day. 2017
• Head of scientific committee, Dermatology Resident Research day 2017-2020
• Founder of Dermatology clinical Practice guidelines Day. 2018
• Head of scientific committee, Dermatology Clinical Practice Guidelines
• Dermatology Residency program director, Security Forces Hospital 2014 – 2020
• Organizing committee: Canadian aesthetic Medicine Summit CAMS, May 2012
• OSCE committee: participated as Examiner at CEHPEA,2011
• OSCE committee: Participated in planning and conducting first university of
Toronto dermatology OSCE for residents in training February 2011
• Senior Dermatology clinic, Women’s College Hospital, Jul2010-Sep2010

• Participated in teaching Dermatology to Undergraduate medical students in der-
matology seminars. University of Toronto, 2007- 2008


• HS: challenging cases, oral presentation, Saudi Society of Dermatology and Dermato-
logic surgery session at the Annual meeting of American Academy AAD. Boston, USA,

March 2022
• Managing Atopic Dermatitis in Covid era. oral presentation. 1st MadinaDerm meeting ,
Madina monawara, February 2022
• Tricoscopy for every dermatologist , oral presentation, SaudiDerm 2022
• Cutaneous signs of internal medicine diseases. Department of internal medicine
meeting. SFC. December 2021
• Updates in scarring Alopecias, oral presentation, EADV 2021
• Approach to scarring Alopecias, oral presentation, MEIDAM Sept 2021
• Presenter, consensus on atopic dermatitis management in ksa, April 2021
• Combined fractional Co2 laser and tacrolimus ointment therapy in treatment of
resistant aural vitiligo. Poster presentation at Dermatology annual research day

• Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on clinical practice, training and wellbeing of der-
matology resdients. Poster presentation at Saudiderm 2021

• Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on clinical practice, training and wellbeing of der-
matology resdients.poster presentation at SIMEC 2022

• Cosmoceuticals; what really works?.oral presentation, Bahrain Dermatology
Laser and Aesthetic conference. Dec,2020
• Hidradenitis suppurativa: managing challenging cases. oral presentation, EADV
oct, 2020
• Sharing best practice of saudi expert in Hidradenittis Suppurativa management.
oral presentation, virtual meeting May 2020
• Psoriasis management and medical unmet needs, Annual meeting of Saudi
Pharamceutical Society, Jan 2020
• Updates from the AAD meeting. Presentation. Derma Day. April 2019
• Androgenetic alopecia, tips and pearls. Presentation. Riyadh dermatology forum.
March 2019

• Androgenetic alopecia, tips and pearls. oral Presentation. Sharm derma confer-
ence, May 2019.

• Women’s Experiences Regarding Isotretinoin Risk Reduction Counseling in
Riyadh, Poster presentation, SaudiDerm 2019
• Cosmeceutical: Truth vs Myth, oral presentation. SaudiDerm, Jeddah February

• Psoriasis in Saudi, SHAPE Holistic treatment goals, oral presentation, Cairo No-
vember 2017

• Hidradentitis Suppurativa, oral presentation, King Fahad Specialized Hospital,
Dammam June 2017

• Scarring Alopecias, diagnosis and management. Derma symposium. Riyadh De-
cember 2016

• Approach to scarring alopecias. Dubai derm.April 2016
• The unwanted patient!. Kadina symposium.April 2016
• Cutaneous signs of internal medicine diseases. Department of internal medicine
meeting. SFC. Novemebr 2015

• Androgenetic alopecia, what’s new in 2014?. Derma symposium, Riyadh Sep-
tember 2014

• “Doc, My childs hair is different!”. Approach to hair shaft disorders. Jeddahderm
March 2014.
• Trichoscopy. Derma symposium. Riyadh February 2014
• Frontal Fibrosing alopecia: experience from 47 patients. Canadian Dermatology
Annual meeting 2013

• Application of Kolb’s experiential learning theory to teaching dermatologist pro-
cedural skills, Dalla Lana School of public health, U of T, April 2012

• Diet and Acne: Myth or truth? Poster presentation, Canadian Dermatology associ-
ation, Edminton. July 2011

• Medical education 100 years after the Flexner report, Dalla lana school, U of
T, Feb 2011
• Adolescent’s Acne: scarring inside out, presentation at University of Toronto,
Dec 2010
• Understanding acantholytic disorders. Presentation at basic science
rounds, Sunny Brook Hospital, Oct 2009
• Is there a gap in the standard of care of patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma?
A retrospective chart review from phototherapy education and research center.

Quality Assurance research, Presented at dermatology resident research day, uni-
versity of Toronto. June 2009

• Successful Treatment of Hailey-Hailey Disease with Intravenous immunoglobu-
lins. Case presentation at resident research day, University of Toronto. June 2008

• Cutaneous and Systemic Mastocytosis. Presentation at pediatric dermatology
rounds, hospital of sick children. December 2008
• Collagen: facts and disorders, basic science rounds, sunny brook hospital, Oct

• Steroid pathway and related disorders. Basic science rounds, sunny brook hospi-
tal, Sep 2007

• Melanocytic lesions:When to worry. Family medicine half day, WCH, 2007
• Dermatological clues to respiratory diseases. Saint Michael hospital respirology
rounds, June 2007

• Dermatological manifestation of endocrinology diseases. University health net-
work endocrinology rounds. April 2007

• Blastomycosis; whats new? A case report and literature review. Toronto general
hospital infectious diseases rounds. April 2006
• CNS lupus; clinical manifestation and treatment, Toronto western hospital
Rheumatology rounds, October 2005

• National Saudi Consensus Statement on the Management of Atopic Dermatitis. Der-
matol There 2022,12:1551-1575

• Lichen Plans after COVID-19 Vaccination: Report of two cases. J Dermatol Dermatol
Surg 2022;26;57-60
• Postmessenger Ribonucleic Acid COVID19 Vaccine Delayed Inflammatory Reaction
to Dermal Fillers: case report. J Dermatol Dermatol surg 2022;26:48-50
• Public Perception and Willingness to undergo Cosmetic Procedures during the
COVID 19 Pandemic:A cross Sectional Study. J Dermatol Dermatol surg2022;26:38-

• Management of Atopic Dermatitis in Adults in Saudi Arabia: Consensus Recommen-
dations from the Dermatological Expert Group. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigation-
al Dermatology. July 2022

• Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on clinical practice, training and wellbeing of derma-
tology resdients. Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine, 2022;5:65-8.

• Alopecia Areata and Tofacitnib: a prospective multicenter study from a Saudi popu-
lation. International Journal of Dermatology. 2021

• Pachydermodactyly: Case report. J Dermatol Dermatol Surg 2021;25:42-3. DOI:

• Alopecia areata and tofacitinib: a prospective multicenter study from a Saudi popu-
lation. International Journal Of Dermatology 2021, doi: 10.1111/ijd.15917

• The influence of Modern Social Media on Dermatologist Selection by Patients.
Cureus, Dec,2020. DOI: 10.7759/cureus.11822

• Ocular manifestation of Dermatological diseases Part I: infectious and inflamma-
tory disorders. Review paper. International Journal Of Dermatology. August 15,


• Ocular manifestation of Dermatological diseases Part II: Genodermatosis. Sep-
tember 2020.

• Women’s Experiences Regarding Isotretinoin Risk Reduction Counseling in
Riyadh, Journal of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery , 2019;23:13-5. DOI:

• Pimented Fungiform papillae of the tongue in a Saudi woman. J Dermatol Derma-
tol Surg 2018;22:39-40

• “Pemphigoid nodularis, case report”.Journal of Cutneous Medicine and Surgery,
• Lasers and scars, review article, current dermatology reports. Volume 1, number 2
(2012), 69-75.

• Acquired angioedema, emedicine, medscape article, Jan 2012 http://emedi-

• Adolescent Acne: scarring inside out! Journal of the Saudi society of dermatology
and dermatologic surgery. Volume 15, issue 2. July 2011. 43-46
Membership in professional societies:
– Royal College of physician and surgeons of Ontario, 2005 – present
– American academy of dermatology, 2007 – present
– Canadian dermatologic association, 2007- present
– American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2007- present
– Saudi Society of Dermatology and Dematologic surgery, 2003- present