Unveiling Current Insights on Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea


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Acne vulgaris and rosacea are two chronic inflammatory skin conditions that primarily affect the facial area. Both may cause significant psychological problems and reduce patient’s quality of life.

Acne vulgaris has multifactorial etiopathogenesis so that the treatment should be done by holistic approach. New formulations derived from herbal ingredients for acne treatment are especially targeting the inflammatory cascade, antimicrobial effect, and reduce sebum production.  Encouraging the use of dermocosmetic in synergy with pharmacological regiment should support improved acne treatment adherence in better clinical outcomes.

Rosacea has complex pathogenesis but that is not fully understood, involves dysfunction of immune system, dysregulation of neurovascular, presence of microorganism and environmental factors. The care of rosacea skin is a challenge for dermatologists. It features may be reduced or controlled with a range of pharmacological and procedural therapies as well as skin care and lifestyle management. Combination therapy is often necessary for effective treatment.


Keywords: acne vulgaris, dermocosmetics, herbal therapy, rosacea