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Wednesday 19th January

09H00 - 09H30
Welcome and Opening Ceremony
Prof Doussou Lancine. Traore (Rector of Uganc)
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09H30 - 10H00
Les Ballets de Dixinn. Traditional Dance
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Acne and Rosacea (Acné et Rosacée)

Medical Dermatology (Dermatologie Médicale)

Hair Disorders (Troubles du Cuir chevelu)

18H20 - 18H45
Alopécies acquises de l’enfant : Aspects cliniques et dermoscopiques
Dr Asmahane SOUISSI MD
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Friday 21st January

09H00 - 09H10
Opening Speech
Dr. Traoré
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Cosmetic Dermatology (Dermatologie Esthétique)

Dermatosurgery (Chirurgie Dermatologique)

11H20 - 12H00
Practical tips for optimizing safety during surgical procedures
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Digital Dermatology

Clinical Research

WORLD SKIN HEALTH DAY IN GUINEA - 4th Edition (January 23-31, 2023)

Theme: “Dermatology at the service of the community”

A. Background: The purpose of the World Skin Health Day (WSHD) is to recognize and promote skin health in the world. In stemmed in 2012 from the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and the International Society of Dermatology (ISD) and there have been several official WSHD activities in countries worldwide, totalling a reach of more than 11 million people.

Around the world, members of the ILDS and ISD undertake activities to recognize and promote skin health; including Screening clinics, care activities, public seminars, marches and social media campaigns, the campaign has a global reach. Taking part in WSHD helps raise awareness of the wider impact of skin diseases, as well as supporting people in need of treatment in their communities local. 

B. Why skin health? Skin diseases are one of the most common human diseases. The 11th revision of the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) includes more than 2,000 skin diseases or related to the skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are in fact more than 3,000 diseases of skin and the dermatologist is in charge of the management of these pathologies. It permeates all cultures, occurs at all ages and affects between 30% and 70% of individuals, with even higher rates in at-risk subpopulations (Hay R, Bendeck SE, Chen S, et al 2014). However, skin conditions and diseases are often ignored or given low priority by health authorities because they do not, on the whole, kill people (WHO 2005). Skin diseases also have a serious impact on people's quality of life, leading to loss of productivity at work and school, and discrimination due to disfigurement. In many regions of the world, people with skin conditions do not have access to support and adequate treatment. In view of this, the ILDS and ISD initiated the WSHD initiatie to help raise awareness and better understand skin diseases. During these days, the communities of areas underserved in management of dermatoses are provided with adequate skin care free of charge. 

C. About

-The International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS): The International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) is a non-governmental organization that promotes the improvement of skin care, education and science throughout the world. It brings together more than 190 member companies from more than 80 countries. The ILDS has access to the experience of over 200 000 dermatologists. We celebrate and share the wide range of approaches to health and disease of the skin that exist in the world.

-The International Society of Dermatology (ISD) was founded in 1959. The organization was initially the "Society Association of Tropical Dermatology". The Society was then particularly interested in the dermatology world and tropical skin diseases, but since covers also all aspects of dermatology such as basic sciences, venereology and public health and to teaching dermatology in developing countries. 

-Dermatological Clinic: The mission of the Dermatological Clinic is to provide adequate dermatological care that contribute to improving the quality of life of patients. It allows quick consultations and affordable as well as accurate diagnoses and treatment plans via a web and mobile platform secured with an autonomous and affordable payment option. Various barriers limiting access to Dermatologist consultations are then eliminated. 

D. Our past activities in Guinea: 

- 1st Edition: Congresses and skin care activities for the community of the Loos islands (KASSA). More than 500 people received free skin care with distribution of medicines. Our activities were highlighted in the 2020 ISD Journal on page 19 (See Attachment: ISD connections Vol. 15, No. 1 • Spring 2021). 

- 2nd Edition: Congresses and skin care activities for people living with albinism at the city of solidarity next to the John Paul II hospital. 277 albinos received care with treatment of pre-cancerous lesions using trichloroacetic acid and the free distribution of sunscreen that we received from our partner INOYAH. These activities have been highlighted on the site of ILDS and in the ISD newsletter. For ILDS media coverage, click on this link: for ISD, see attached document: “ISD Connection Vol. 15, No. 2 • Fall 2021” on page 15

- 3rd Edition: Congress and skin care for the community of the islands of Loos (KASSA). Available at month of September on the ILDS and ISD sites. However, all presentations provided by

our excellent speakers during this congress are housed on a platform whose access is free.

The platform link: Simply click on this link and register for free to access this excellent educational content.

E. What will happen for this 4th Edition:

1st Phase: From January 23 to 26, 2023: An international congress in Dermatology will be held in Guinea with the participation of nearly 100 speakers who many of whom are world leaders in dermatological sciences. A hybrid mode is selected for this congress and it will be held at La Source University in Conakry. For this congress, the themes are distributed as follows:

23 January 2023

Theme 1 : Acne and Rosacea (Diagnosis and Treatment)

Theme 3: Psoriasis (Diagnosis and Treatment)

Theme 3 : Cosmetic Dermatology (Aging, Botox, Fillers, Lasers

Theme 4 : Pigmentation (Diagnosis and Treatment)

Theme 5: Dermatoepidemiology

24 Janvier 2023

Theme 6 : Teledermatology and AI in Skin Diseases

Theme 7 : Sexually transmitted diseases et genital dermatology

Theme 8 : Medical Dermatology and Dermatopathology

Theme 9 : Tropical Dermatology

Theme 10 : Covid-19

25 Janvier 2023

Theme 11 : Rising Stars

Theme 12 : Atopic Dermatitis and allergology

Theme 13 : Dermatosurgery

Theme 14 Cutaneous Neoplasms

Theme 15 : Hair Disorders

26 Janvier 2023

Theme 16 : Pediatric Dermatology

Theme 17 : Psychodermatology

Theme 18 : Dermoscopy

Theme 19 Vesicullobullous disorders and others - Maladies vésiculobulleuses + Autres

Theme 20: Nail Disorders

Soon, we will update this program by adding the titles of the presentation, the

photos and full names of all our speakers for each theme.

The scientific committee

1. Prof. Brigitte DRENO MD PhD (head of the Scientific committee / Responsable du

Scientific Committee)

2. Prof. Jean BOLOGNIA MD

3. Prof. Dedee MURRELL MD PhD

4. Prof. Alexander NAVARINI MD PhD

5. Prof. Hassan GALADARI MD

6. Prof. Koushik LAHIRI MBBS, DVD(CAL), IFAAD, FIAD, FFAADV, FRCP(Glasgow), FRCP(Edin),

FRCP (London)

7. Prof. H. Peter SOYER MD, FACD FAHMS

8. Prof. Tu Anh DUONG MD, PhD

9. Prof. Somesh GUPTA MD

10.Dr. Christopher HSU MD

11. Prof. Nejib DOSS MD

12. Prof. Aleksandra LESIAK MD PhD

13. Prof. Monika FIDA MD

14. Prof. Franco RONGIOLETTI MD

15. Prof. Samira ZOBIRI MD

16. Prof. Aldo MORRONE

17. Prof. Amor KHACHEMOUNE MD, PhD

18. Prof. Enas ATTIA MD

19. Prof. Asmahane SOUISSI MD

20.Prof. Mohsin AL-DHALIMI MD

21. Prof. Marie BEYLOT-BARRY MD PhD

22.Prof. Roxanna SADOUGHIFAR MD

23. Prof. Hamida TURKI MD

24. Prof. Dominique TENNSTEDT MD

25. Prof. Mohammad JAFFERANY MD, PhD

26. Prof. Aimilios LALLAS MD, MSc, PhD

27. Prof. Esther FREEMAN MD PhD

28. Prof. Joanna NARBUTT MD

The organizing committee

1. Dr Ibrahima TRAORE MD, PgDip, MSc (head of the organizing committee / Head of the Organizing Committee)

2. Dr. Albertina Onsea MD PhD

3. Dr Aboubacar Salematou SYLLA MD, MSc

4. Dr. Mohamed Medo SYLLA MD, MSc

5. Dr. Aly Badara NABE MD, MSc

6. Mr. Balla Moussa DIOUBATE MSc

7. Mr. Jaume BOLTA

8. Dr. Ibrahima SACKO MD

9. Dr. Siaka MARA MD

10.Mr. Djenabou KONATE

11.Mr. Ibrahima Sory CAMARA

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